Roberto Adrian VillarrealGeneral Manager, Arawak Cement Company Limited (with oversight for TCL Guyana Incorporated)

    Mr. Roberto Adrian Villarreal Villarreal was appointed General Manager of Arawak Cement Company Limited, effective August 1, 2022.

    Mr. Villarreal is a service-oriented executive with over 15 years of service, focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences to drive consistent revenue growth. He is a sales expert, organised decision-maker, and strategic planner with top-notch interpersonal and communication skills.

    He has been domiciled within the Caribbean for approximately 10 years, having worked in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Barbados. He is professionally diverse in the areas of cement distribution, ready-mix concrete, aggregates & lime production, and commercialisation.

    Mr. Villarreal holds a BSc in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a Master in Innovation for Business Development, both from Instituto Tecnológico Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.